Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cat Accoutrements (for human beings)

Cat Tee by Sol Angeles at Anthropologie

Cynthia:  Is it just me or are cat themed clothing and accessories getting more sophisticated?

Marcy:  It's you.

Cynthia:  Really? Because these models look super cool in their (Made in the USA) cat tees.

Project Social T Peeking Cat at Urban Outfitters

Brian Lichtenberg Feline Pullover Hoodie

Marcy:  It's called marketing, Cindy.  Advertisers have been putting crazy clothes on beautiful teenagers for forever because they look fantastic in... everything. It's an illusion and you people fall for it every time.

Cynthia:  Yeah but what about this barrette? It's not crazy. I love it.

Cats of Gold Barrette

Marcy:  It's crazy.

Cynthia:  Even cat ears are getting more sophisticated.

So Catty Headband

Marcy:  Even crazier. Why are you not listening to me?

Cynthia:  Because I'm gullible and believe in the fantasy.

Marcy:  But you look like a lunatic in cat wear. Leave it to the under 20 set.

Cynthia:  No. You only live once and I want to wear what I want.

Marcy:  Fine.

Cynthia:  Fine.

Marcy:  I guess if you give your cats human voices and have a cat blog then you're already a billboard for lunacy. Might as well be a walking and talking billboard in cat ears.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Awards Show Fashion Fatigue

Nicole Kidman 2015 Academy Awards
Photograph: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Cynthia stares blankly at her computer. Marcy watches impatiently.

Marcy:  What are you waiting for. Write the blog post on the Oscars fashion already.

Cynthia:  I don't know what to say.

Marcy:  Well hurry up and figure it out. Our readers have been checking in all day to hear my catty critique.

Cynthia:  So you write the post.

Marcy:  I can't. I fell asleep two minutes after the first boring gown slogged down the Red Carpet.

Cynthia:  I fell asleep one hour into the Red Carpet it was so dull.

Marcy:  This is terrible.

Cynthia:  We've got awards show fashion fatigue. There are simply too many awards shows. How can anyone keep awards season fresh and exciting with so many? It's impossible. Even the actors seemed fashion fatigued and like they had all given up and wanted to stay home in their pajamas eating chocolate chip cookies.

Marcy:  Case in point. Jared Leto in lilac.

Jared Leto 2015 Academy Awards
Photograph: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Cynthia:  Jared Leto is wearing a lavender eggshell Easter suit. (long pause) The least he could have done was get a matching umbrella.

Marcy:  Enough said.

*Were Marcy and I so fashion fatigued that we missed some truly great gowns? Please let us know if you had any favorites so we can reconsider our catty critique. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

All Black Cats Are Not Alike - The Illustrated Book Kickstarter Campaign

All Black Cats Are Not Alike Kickstarter Campaign

Cynthia: I was perusing the awesome Kate Benjamin's Hauspanther site and I came across her post about Studio Goldsparkle's kickstarter campaign.

Studio Goldsparkle is campaigning to create an illustrated book about black cats called, All Black Cats Are Not Alike.

Mockup of All Black Cats Are Not Alike

Marcy:  So?

Cynthia:  So Peter Arkle is an amazing illustrator whose work appears in Time Magazine and the New Yorker, and Amy Goldwasser is an editor and writer. They love cats and will feature 50 distinct black cats in their book.

One of the rewards is a chance to nominate a black cat to join the All Black Cat Casting Call. Winners of the casting call will be featured in the book. Isn't that so fantastic?

Marcy (shrugging):  Not really.

Cynthia (excitedly):  Aw c'mon! Guess who I'm nominating?

Marcy (exasperated):  But I'm not a black cat. I'm white cat with black markings. Sometimes I wonder about your powers of observation.

Cynthia:  Oh... uh... I meant that I'm nominating Penelope Kitten.

Penelope Kitten learns she's nominated for All Black Cats Are Not Alike 

penelope kitten (squeaking):  me?

Marcy:  Gasp. You wouldn't.

Cynthia:  Why not? It would be a great opportunity for Penelope Kitten if she were chosen. Don't you want our Pkitty to be just as famous as you?

Marcy:  No.

penelope kitten (squeaking loudly):  photo shoot playtime!

Penelope Kitten excitedly hops and flops and crashes into Marcy trying to figure out her best side for photos. 

penelope kitten:  this is my best side. no this is. no this. wait. this is the best...

this no this how about this wait this is the best

Marcy is disgusted. She stalks off, whipping her tail back and forth.

Cynthia:  Ahhhhh... Marcy... where are you going in such a huff?

Marcy:  Off to start my own Kickstarter campaign. It's an interactive media project called Big Sister Revenge.

*Only a few days left to contribute and nominate your favorite black cat to Goldsparkle's Kickstarter campaign for ALL BLACK CATS Are Not Alike.  

The deadline is 11am Thursday, February 26th. 

They're getting close to their goal!  Good luck, Studio Goldsparkle!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Firmoo (an eyeglasses review)

Cynthia in her Firmoo frames

Cynthia:  I was really excited when the inexpensive online optical store, Firmoo, asked if it was okay for them to send me a pair of their eyeglasses to review.

Because I was frustrated at the whole "buying eyeglasses" process.

I had just been at my optometrist's office a week before and needed new lenses for my glasses.

I checked out new frames and was frustrated at how expensive they all were. The price range was $150-$300.  Just... ugh.

Add the lenses (progressive in my case) and anti reflective coating and we are talking $600. Just... double ugh.

So I skipped the new frames and only updated my lenses. Still annoyingly expensive.

Then Firmoo called. And I was so interested to check out one of the companies that is trying to cut costs for consumers. (And break up the Luxottica monopoly which is causing eye wear costs to skyrocket. But more on that in a future post.)

Marcy:  You talk too much. Get to the review already.

Cynthia:  Okay. Here we go!


  • Affordable (The frames range from $26-$69. Adding single vision lenses is free. Adding progressive lenses is $36.95 or $49.95)
  • Stylish
  • Lots of options
  • Same quality as my "expensive" Oliver Peoples glasses (yay!)
  • Responsive customer service
  • Fast turnaround and shipping


  • Difficult to predict if the glasses will look good even with their "photo booth" and exact measurements.
  • Made in China (I know how much we all support American made products and I felt guilty about my carbon footprint for a single pair of glasses).
  • According to Firmoo, their free shipping is disabled due to packages not getting to their destinations at this level. You will not find this out until you checkout. The "upgraded" shipping fee is $9.95 and while that is not much, I feel this needs to be stated up front. Otherwise, it looks like a marketing game. Or at worst, a bait and switch.


I would order from Firmoo again. Totally worth it.

In fact, based on my experience, Freddy ordered a pair. For both of us, these are great back up glasses instead of our everyday frames. Unfortunately, nothing beats trying on glasses in person. The littlest detail can make the biggest difference in how you look.

However, I am thrilled that a company is offering glasses at the price they are worth. I hope they expand and work out the little kinks.

Marcy wants a pair too!

Firmoo photo booth to "try on" the frames

Marcy: Oh I look fabulous!  Nobody looks better in a cat eye than a cat.

*Firmoo is giving Marcy Very Much readers a 50% discount off of your first frames. Click here for the code.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

mostly me, by penelope: happy heart day

Marcy races into the living room at top speed. Penelope Kitten is in hot pursuit.

Marcy:  Cindy! Make her stop.

Cynthia:  Stop what?

Marcy: She's trying to kiss me.

Penelope Kitten tackles Marcy and gives her a big slurpy kitty kiss.

penelope kitten:  kiss kiss

Marcy:  Yuck. That is so gross.

Cynthia:  Awww... Penelope is so sweet. She's wishing you a happy Valentine's Day.

Marcy:  It's disgusting. Ugh.

penelople kitten:  gonna give you another one.

Marcy:  Noooooooo...

Marcy whaps Penelope Kitten on the head and then races off.

penelope kitten:  yeah yeah. gonna get you.

Cynthia:  Penelope! Why don't you give Hamlet a Valentine's Day kiss instead.

Hamlet:  Oh fantabulous. I LOVE the ladies. Especially when they give big slurpy kitty kisses.

Penelope Kitten kisses Hamlet somewhat violently.

Hamlet:  Although that may possibly have been a little bit excessive.

penelope kitten (squeaking loudly):  ok. who's next?

Hamlet and Penelope Kitten

penelope kitten:  happy happy heart day!

                                                 luv, me (penelope)


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